Organically, chemically bonded to soil and Insoluble in water – does not leach and replenishes soils

100% organic matter; all micronutrients available which are released back into soils for crops

Releases micronutrients slowly affording longer durations for plant feeding as & when required

No toxicity or pH proliferation in soils

Balanced nutrients for plants – increased yields

Cheaper to produce from local natural raw material



Synthetic/fossil based and soluble in water – leaches into water courses; depletes nutrients in soils

78% of matter is filler not useful to plants. 60% of useful nutrients leach out of the soil

Lack micronutrients – special additives required to add micronutrients, which dissolve in the soil

Chemical spraying required to prevent plant

Don’t sustain soil health – do nothing to replenish soil nutrients

Long term use changes soil pH; requires chemicals for correct pH balance

High cost; requires importation of raw materials, and use of high energy in the manufacturing process

Advantages of Hya Power Organic Fertilizer

16 Nutrients
Up to sixteen nutrients required by all plants in one product
Single Application in a Season
Needs a single application in a season. Repeat applications may be needed in severely depleted soils
Chemically Bonds to the Soil
It chemically bonds to the soil and does not dissolve in water
Higher crop yield
It enables higher crop yield
100% organic matter
It is 100% organic matter — it improves soil nutrient retention capacity and restores pH balance in soil
Free of weeds
The product is free of any type of weeds
releases nutrients slowly
It slowly releases nutrients—leading to longer nutrient uptake period as needed by plants
250 kgs - 500 kgs per square meter
Apply between 250 kgs and 500 kgs per square meter, or 2.5 tons – 5 tons per hectare pending on soil conditions


N 5,27% or 52,7g/kg
P 0,13% or 1,3 g/kg
K 0,40% or 4,0 g/kg


Mg (%) 0,48
Zn (mg/kg) 77,08
S (%) 0,38
Cu (mg/kg) 36,74
B (mg/kg) 399,86
Fe (mg/kg) 8 487,50
Mn (mg/kg) 1 979,65
Mo (mg/kg) 0,76
Na (mg/kg) 755,27
Ca (%) 0,54
Co (mg/kg) 16,83
Cr (mg/kg) 79,91
pH 7,69
EC (µs/cm) 1 570



All products tested by accredited Intertek Agricultural Services laboratory and certifications issued

Fertiliser products endorsed by Fertilizer Association of South Africa (“FERTASA”)

DAFF Certification-Organic fertilizer